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Frequently Asked Questions

faq image How much of my donated money is used for administration?
Less than 5% of your money is used for administration. All of our board members are volunteers, and every board member pays for their own travel, food and accommodation expenses for every mission trip.
How long is a typical mission trip?
Mission trips are typically 10 to 14 days; however, if a trip is planned during March break, it may be only 1 week long to accommodate students and/or teachers who would like to serve.
What is a typical day like at the camp?
Usually we start breakfast at 7am and follow with devotions. Teams will then begin their work which may involve traveling to a specific destination. Lunch is usually done at the work site and teams return to camp or wind up their activities between 4 and 5. Dinner between 6 and 7 and then time to socialize, reflect, journal, or organize for the next day's events. Lights out is usually 10pm.
Do I need to bring any money?
It is best to bring some US currency along in case of emergency or to buy some souvenirs. All costs for the mission work are covered when you join for a mission team.
Is there a chance to sight-see?
Usually there is a chance to spend at least half a day on a scheduled tour into a particular part of Haiti where there may be a point of interest and/or a market where you could purchase souvenirs and gifts. We also try to spend a few hours at the beach on the day before going home where people can relax before the return trip.
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